The Pre-primary section of DSK School lays a strong foundation. At Pre-school stage academic is introduced in a developmentally appropriate manner. Academics being our major thrust, more emphasis is on literacy, Numeracy, nurturing curiosity and exploration, social development, promoting activities for developing fine motor skills and gross motor skills, incorporating social-emotional learning are the crucial elements of our curriculum. The extra-curricular activities are well designed and planned for the appropriate stages of development which includes fun elements and are engaging the tender young minds.

Creative Art and Craft: encourages our students to express themselves.

Music and Dance: promotes coordination and self expressions.

Story telling and Drama: stimulate their imagination and develop
language skills.

Out Door Play: it gives our students an opportunity for gross motor skill
development and encourage them to play in safe environment.

Gardening Activities: give our students the practical knowledge about
plants their growth cycle and instill in them the importance of nature in
our life.

Other Activities: life skill activities like cooking without fire, cultural
events and celebrations encourages the young ones to coordinate and
work in teams with their peers.

All the activities are planned , organized and executed successfully
,promoting a sense of creativity, social and physical development and
prepare our students to sail the journey of formal education safely.

The curriculum in primary section is designed to be age- appropriate with inclusive learning opportunities for all. It provides balance of enrichment programme and skill development through Co-curricular activities like:

Sports: we at DSK School offer a variety of sports to our students for their mental and physical well-being.

Clubs: school provides a platform for our students to encourage their likings and pursue their hobbies through various clubs like dance, drama, music and singing, art and robotics .

Community Service: activities related to community services are conducted to instill in our students the sense of responsibility Moral values and empathy towards others.

STEM: activities related to Science and technology are conducted for our students to create young Innovators and future scientists. Students get an opportunity for practical knowledge and learning the Scientific concepts that are being taught in our explorers lab.

The Language Club: language development programmes are planned to enhance their language skills, promote language proficiently and develop creative writing skills.

Leadership programme: opportunities are given to students to develop leadership qualities by giving them the responsibilities for peer counseling and mentoring.

Environmental Activities: Various activities and environment related initiatives imbibe in our students the sense of being eco-friendly.

The extra curricular activities not only complement the academic curriculum but also provide students with a wide range of opportunities for personal growth, skill development and exploring their interests and passion.

Sports: We at DSK offer a variety of sports activities which ensures physical fitness, team work and develops a spirit of sportsmanship in the teenage.

Performing Arts: it provides opportunities to our students to participate
in dance, drama, choir and music which fosters creativity, self expression and confidence in expressing themselves.

Debate and Public speaking: the soft skills department plans activities like debate and Public speaking to help our students develop critical thinking skills, articulate their ideas and build confidence in expressing

Coding and Robotics: we introduce the basics of coding and robotics by conducting training sessions and workshops for our students which give them the hand-on- activity to develop problem solving skills and encourage digital literacy.

Visual Arts: We offer opportunities to our students to explore different
art forms such as painting and drawing by hosting mega events like inter
school competition like Kalaparvv

Community Services: every year various activities are conducted for
community services and students are encouraged to be responsible,
develop sharing and caring, develop empathy and have a sense of
social responsibility.

The Co-curricular activities designed for our secondary section students plays a crucial role in their holistic development and make them future ready.

Leadership Development Programme: formation of Students Council
Committee by electing their leaders by conducting elections process develops a sense of teem building , team work which instills the values
of responsibilities and leadership among them.

STEM Club: Our well advanced ATL lab offers STEM activities for our students , engaging in hand-on- projects, experiments and giving them the opportunity to present and participate in prestigious Government organised Science Competition organised for students at school level. Every year many students are given platform to present their innovative and creative ideas.

Debate and Model United Nation: Organising debates on current affairs and global issues give platform for our participating students. They develop a sense of presentation, public speaking and gain the insight for global awareness.

Entrepreneurship Initiative: The softskill programme encourages our
students to participate in Competitions. Students under the able guidance of our teacher have participated in Competition like OLL where
they got an opportunity to pitch in their innovative business ideas.

Community Service Projects: we facilitate community service learning
projects and give volunteer opportunities for our students by conducting various social outreach programmes like animal adoptation, funds for animal rehabilitation, environmental awarness,tree plantations, organising and hosting programmes for orphan children and old age home people. School also initiated a donation campaign where grocery and daily need items were collected for the needy. Through these activities we inculcate the values of compassion, empathy and social responsibility among our students.

DSK Air ‘O’ Band Radio Show: This show gives an opportunity the
students to exhibit their talents, helps to build an inclusive atmosphere.

Creative Art Programme: Various cultural events are hosted throughout the year. Through annual gatherings we offer opportunities for our students to participate in performing arts, we are the host school for conducting mega events like ‘DSK Kalaparvv ‘inter school Art competition. We not only encourage students our students but give open platform for students of different schools to participate in creative Art programmes. Students get exposure to express themselves creatively, build confidence and have holistic development.

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We inspire futures by equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed in an ever-changing world. From fostering creativity and innovation to promoting collaboration and leadership, our academic excellence extends beyond the classroom, preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society.

We empower students to reach their highest potential. We believe in instilling a growth mindset, encouraging resilience, and cultivating a passion for lifelong learning.

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Partnered with Cummins for creating e-waste awareness.

This collaboration aimed to educate students and the community about the proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste, emphasising the importance of sustainable practices. Through workshops, seminars, and interactive campaigns, the partnership facilitated the dissemination of information on the potential hazards of improper e-waste disposal and encouraged responsible recycling habits. By leveraging Cummins’ expertise and resources in sustainability alongside our educational platform, we worked together to promote environmental stewardship and foster a culture of eco-consciousness among students, families, and the broader community.

Selected by NITI Aayog to establish the Atal Tinkering Laboratory

Our school embarked on a journey to foster innovation and creativity among students. The ATL initiative, launched as part of the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), aims to cultivate a culture of scientific inquiry, problem-solving, and hands-on learning.

Recognized Excellence

Several science projects crafted by students at our school have garnered recognition at the district level in the prestigious INSPIRE awards, organised by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. This accolade not only reflects the creativity and ingenuity of our students but also underscores their commitment to scientific exploration and innovation.

Partnered with NDTV for creating ‘Behtar India’

Under the ‘Behtar India’ programme, students were empowered to lead initiatives promoting health awareness, environmental conservation, and hygiene practices within their schools and localities. Through workshops, awareness drives, and interactive sessions organised in collaboration with NDTV, participants gained valuable knowledge and skills to address pressing social and environmental issues.

Internship Programmes for students

Our school offers internship programme designed to provide students with valuable exposure to the professional environment, preparing them for future career endeavours. These internship opportunities aim to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world experiences, allowing students to gain practical insights, skills, and industry knowledge.

Celebrating Global Excellence

Our school takes great pride in being awarded the prestigious
International School Award (ISA) by the British Council in recognition of our commitment to promoting internationalism within our curriculum. This accolade acknowledges our efforts to instill a global perspective in our students, fostering cultural understanding, collaboration, and awareness of global issues.

Hello all,

I am Nitisha Jagtap. I belong to the 2015 batch of DSK School. My family hails from Latur. My parents decided to move my sister and me to Pune, ‘oxford of the east’ so that we could get good educational exposure. I was just 6 years old when we came to Pune. I got the most enriching atmosphere in school which was instrumental in shaping my personality. I chose to opt for humanities post 12th standard and decided upon preparing for civil services. With god’s grace, I got into the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 2021. I have completed my phase 1 training at Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad. The past one year has been transformative- I have undergone rigorous training and learnt several ways and techniques involved in policing. I am borne on the Assam cadre which means I will be serving in the state of Assam. Though it is miles away from my home in Maharashtra, I hope to perform my duty with utmost sincerity and dedication and uphold principles of honesty, integrity, etc. that DSK school had instilled in me in my formative years.

Nitisha Jagtap – 2015 batch

As an Alumnus of DSK School, I have fond memories of my time spent in this school. I remember the warmth and kindness of the teachers who ensured that every student was given an opportunity to succeed. Their guidance and support not only helped me to excel academically but also instilled in the values of discipline, hard work and perseverance.

As I reflect on my time at DSK School, I realise that it was much more than a place of learning. It was home away from home a place where I felt safe and supported. The memories I made at DSK School will always hold a special place in my heart and I will forever be grateful to all the opportunities and experiences it provided to me.

To the present DSKites, I offer these words of advice:  Cherish your time here and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. The memories and lessons you take with you will last a lifetime.

J.Praveen  – 2013 batch

Currently placed as consultant with KPMG

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you , you can’t do something! Not even me alright?”

I live by this quote from my most favourite film the pursuit of happiness. I remember a 13 year old Mohika sitting at the corner of the class, an introvert who was even scared to read a paragraph in front of the class. If someone told me then that I would be hosting for an international brand after a few years I would hardly believe them! But here I am now with a dazzling self-confidence, a theatre artist, an actor, a model and a host. I have worked in adfilms , songs and have participated and won a few beauty pageants like The International Glamour Project Miss India, Maharashtra Times Shravan Queen which gave me the opportunity to model for brands like Avildha herbals, Baggit, L’oreal Paris , Matrix to name a few. I was a part of the commercial Marathi play ‘Gajab Tichi Ada’ and another play ‘Unwanted’ where I played the lead character. I am a trained Bharatnatyam and belly dancer and used to work as an assistant choreographer and dancer in the industry before this and have also won two endowment awards in Bharatnatyam . Apart from that currently I’m hosting for an international energy drink and I am their official host from India.

School has played a very important part to help me become who I am today because all the activities that we had in school are helping me today professionally. Also because I got to know what I was not good at, I tried and focused on what I can do well and that’s how I have chosen this path. There’s a long way to go but when I look back I have realised  I’ve actually come a long way and there’s no turning back.