30 Sep 2016
Craft Competition

A craft competition was organized for the students of grade IV and V. The students of grade IV made wall hangings using different kinds of paper and the students of grade V made headgears using throw away materials.  There was an irresistible response by the students to participate in such an innovative and artistic activity.  The judges had a very difficult time declaring the winners.  The creative mind of the students left the spectators enthralled.  It was a treat to visualize the students bringing out their creation in Art.

30 Sep 2016
Grandparents’ day celebration

To honour the contribution of the grandparents in the life of the little children, grandparents’ day was celebrated in DSK School. All the grandparents participated in games and programmes enthusiastically organized by the pre primary teachers. This visit made them go back to their childhood days. They were over whelmed to be a part of such an event and enjoyed along with the children.

28 Sep 2016
Drawing Competition

Drawing is enjoyed by every child.  They have vivid ideas.  DSK School had organised a drawing competition for the students of Std III.  Children were very passionate and they were absorbed in their own ingenuity.  It was pleasurable seeing the children putting their thoughts together and painting their imagination.  Colours were put with lots of affection.  All the students took immense pleasure in this competition.  This was a good experience and a great stress buster for all of them.

23 Sep 2016

The Nursery students of DSK School went for a field trip to vegetable and fruit market. The children got to see different types of fruits which are normally not seen at home. They experienced the feel and smell of different vegetables and fruits. The attractive display encouraged the children to ask questions and share their thoughts freely.

14 Sep 2016
Hindi Day Celebration

Every year Hindi Diwas is celebrated at DSK School with lot of fervour and enthusiasm on 14th September.  The preparation starts 15 days in advance with various competitions being held. There was poem composing competition, poem recitation, story writing competition, debate and essay writing competition for various classes. The best compositions were declared and they were asked to stage their creations on Hindi Diwas.  Though DSK School is an English Medium School the students were encouraged to speak in Hindi as a tribute to Our National Language on this day. It was really musical to hear new words being used in Hindi and students asking the teacher the words they were not aware of. It was a day filled with delight and pride while conversing in Hindi. Jai Hind!!!

13 Sep 2016
World Literacy Day

Being literate is bliss of god and imparting education is another delight you derive from it. At DSK School the students of grade 8th showcased their talent as teachers by assisting the peons, kakas and didis take a step towards being educated. Most of them have basic education but do not have the confidence to speak in front of others. Our students when interacted with these people found a lot of learning spirit and enthusiasm in them and hence taught them how  to communicate and introduce themselves. The students taught a few moushis how to write their names and the session concluded with a small game like identifying various objects names in English. To the surprise of the students, they were able to identify most of them. After the session the peons and didis requested for more such session in school to boost up their morale. The students will be chalking out a program to help these people take a step further and reach new zeal.

12 Sep 2016
Awareness through street play…

The day dawned as usual but for DSKITES it was another day filled with excitement. They had a major role to play towards the society.  To make the citizens aware about the crucial problem of the waste management, the students of DSK School performed street play at different locations in Sinhagad road area and Dhayari. The major focus was on waste management and how it can be effectively disposed. The students sent across the message of separating the wet and dry garbage, so that the wet garbage could be used for making fertilisers and the plastic could be effectively converted into fuel which can be used in houses for cooking purpose.  Large crowd gathered to witness the street play and appreciated the students for the wonderful approach. It was an eye opener for the people present there. The students felt a triumph of victory with their heads held high they brought glory to the school and to be recognised as DSKITES.  The street play was written and directed by Mrs Varsha Jambhekar, the Marathi teacher and Ms. Poornima Dixit, the music teacher of DSK School. 

06 Sep 2016
Teachers’ Day Celebration

Teachers’ day was celebrated with lot of ecstasy and exults at DSK School. The students had shown their gratitude to the teachers by felicitating them with flowers and by reading out beautiful verses about them.  A small cultural program was also staged by the students after the felicitation ceremony. The students expressed their love for their teachers by giving them hand-made card with lovely words in scripted on them. Fun games were organised for the teachers which they thoroughly enjoyed and the whole program ended with joyful atmosphere.

01 Sep 2016
Salad Decoration competition

An  interclass  salad  making and decoration competition for pre-primary was arranged in DSK school.  The children brought vegetables and fruits from home. Under the guidance of our teachers they had the experience of peeling, grating, chopping and arranging them in a mouth watering display. Later they relished the salad and had a wonderful time.

31 Aug 2016
It is time to act towards the social awareness

The students at DSK School took the initiative of approaching the local Corporator  to bring into his notice the problems faced by the local residents of Dhayri about the garbage dump at two main places.  The garbage bins are overflowing with the dump and foul smell which is the main concern for diseases being spread. Looking for solutions the students of DSK School extended their hands to help in every possible way.  Some of the solutions that the students commonly came up with were street play for awareness, few students could volunteer and stand near the bins and those defaulting should be presented with a rose for them to realize their mistake, a positive approach.  Banners and campaigning could also help out. The Corporator appreciated the students and assured his support and help . It was really a worthwhile experience for our students who felt that they had a role to contribute towards the society in a big way.

31 Aug 2016
Shravani Mauj at DSK School

‘Shravani Mauj’ is one of the most important events in the DSK school calendar. This year too our school organized the ‘Shravani Mauj’ function in the school. The event was graced with the presence of the Director of the school, Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni and the Principal Mrs. Sundari. The celebration was initiated with ‘Ganesh Vandana’. The program was inspired by and showcased our Indian culture and traditions which are followed especially in the month of ‘Shravan’ through mesmerizing dance performances of enthusiastic tiny tots. The dances captivated the audience and they took with them memories to cherish.

19 Aug 2016

It was indeed a blissful moment for the school when the British Council bestowed International School Award. The Students from kindergarten to Grade IX participated in seven different projects.  They were exposed to internationalism and learnt to appreciate global diversity. The students interacted with their counterparts in other countries through Skype. The award ceremony would be organised in the month of December and DSK School will pompously take away the Award for the hard work undertaken.  The projects were executed under the guidance of MS Sundari Jaishankar, the present Principal of DSK School.

18 Aug 2016
It is Celebration time at DSK School

DSK School wore a celebratory look on Janmashtami with the students dressed up in colourful apparels. Initially the students of the primary section participated in ‘MATKI PHODO’ followed by the secondary section.  There was a small house-wise competition prearranged for students of Secondary Section.  The girls danced on the music and were judged on the standards set in by the dance teacher to the music being played on the occasion of DAHI-HANDI. The boys from different houses built pyramids and vide with each other  to break the HANDI.   The students unreservedly took part in the competition and enjoyed the celebration. Thereafter the Prasad was distributed to the little kanaiyas and Radhas.

15 Aug 2016
Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day craze was in the air not only on 15th of August but also before that. The class soft boards and hangings around the school ,all aimed at the tricolour theme or around the freedom fighter. Celebration was in the air and all could smell the essence of patriotism.  On 15th August to commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, Mrs Hemanti Kulkarni, President of DSK School, unfurled the tricolor flag and all in unison sang the NationalAnthem and Flag Song.
 History Gallery was also inaugurated by Mrs Hemanti Kulkarni which depicted rare World War Pictures.  The History Gallery was really appreciated by the people who had come for the Independence Day Program. It would be an additional source of knowledge for the students.
 The cultural program had few patriotic songs, declamation of Raj Guru followed by the address by the dignitaries of the school.Few parents voiced their opinion and suggestions to the students about how to make India a better country and make Abdul Kalam’s dream come true. Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity. The students were distributed sweets and festive atmosphere prevailed all around.

12 Aug 2016
Chess – Game for Brain Session

A chess demonstration was conducted at DSK School for the students to develop interest in this indoor game.  The Chess Coach Abhay Khadekar, International rated player and International Coach, conducted the session where he told the students about the alertness in the game and the tricks to defeat the opponent. He also told the students that we should not only be physically fit but also mentally healthy. Workshop and training session would be arranged in school in future to promote this game.  The students also played the game with the coach on a magnetic chess board.

12 Aug 2016
Field Visit - IV Std

 Mr. Tanpure, Manager at Katraj dairy, was the guide to the students and explained the students about the process of pasteurization, packaging and transportation of these milk and milk products to various outlets. He also explained about the establishment and its indulgence in various other food products made from milk that is ghee, paneer, cheese etc. The students really enjoyed their trip and learned a lot.

12 Aug 2016
Fun with Colours

This was a unique competition for the students of grade VI wherein they were supposed to make natural colours and draw and paint a beautiful picture.  The students were given a demo and explained what natural colour is and what was expected from them during the competition. This was to promote the students for the upcoming Ganpati festival where the students committed to buy eco-friendly Ganpati idols and use natural colours to paint them. The students participated with lot of enthusiasm in the competition using colours made from spinach, beetroot, using charcoal for drawing, sandalwood, turmeric etc.  It was really a treat to visualise these students showcasing their talent. To take this competition to the next level and to make the students aware of adverse effect on nature, Mrs . Sundari Jaishankar, Principal announced that if during Ganpati festival any child colours and uses an eco-friendly Ganpati,the child needs to inform the school and after proper verification, the best one would be chosen to be awarded by her. 

09 Aug 2016
Educational Field trip for Grade VI

Educational trip to Indian Meteorological Department was schedule for the students to know about the various instruments used for the forecast of the weather.  The students were fascinated by seeing the actual instrument used by the IMD like Barometer, Sun Shine Recorder, Cup Counter Anemometer, Open pan evaporimeter which they had only read about in their books. The IMD apart from imparting general weather forecast also engages in supply of annual climatic data,climate monitoring and predictions, alerts and warning and many other things. The students had lot of learning experience and this trip was quite fruitful for the inquisitive minds.

28 Jul 2016
Visit by District Education officer at DSK School

The rising achievers of DSK School, Shriya Karanjekar who bagged the 1st position at International Level in 6th SOF International English Olympiad ,Athang Harpale who stood 3rd at International level in IEO, Vedant Dwivedi stood 3rd at Zonal level and Siddharth Mane  who secured 28th State Ranking in the Maharashtra Talent Search Exam (MTSE Exam) were felicitated by the hands of the District Education Officer Mr Mushtaq Shaikh who visited the school on 28th July, 2016.
He inspired the students to aim higher in life through his speech delivered on this occasion. He was delighted with the school organization, activities conducted in the school and left on a happy note.

22 Jul 2016
Dolls’ Wedding

On 22nd July, 2016, Dolls’ wedding was celebrated in DSK school with fun and frolic. Maharashtrian customs and traditions were followed for the wedding. Children came in the traditional dress and participated in ‘barat’, ‘doli’ and the wedding. Vice president Mrs. Panse, Director Dr. Ashwini Kulkarni and Principal Mrs. Sundari attended the dolls’ wedding. Children enjoyed the function a lot, relished delicious lunch and took home memories to cherish.

22 Jul 2016

Shloka competition was held July 20, 2016, at DSK School for the Grade III students.  Students were selected after a first round that was conducted in the class itself.  Four students were selected from each division.  Students were prepared by the Marathi Teacher, Ms. Apoorva Pandharpurkar for the competition.  Students recited the Shlokas with great devotion and turned the atmosphere religious.  It was a privilege to have judges, Ms. Anuradha Bagul and Ms. Bhuskute for the competition.  Both the guests had their expertise in Bagwat Gita and were surprised to see the children reciting Shlokas like Navagraha Stotra, Gita Adhaya 16, Hanuman Chalisa, Datta Stotra, etc.  Overall, it was a very spiritual event.

20 Jul 2016

Patriotic song competition for grade IV was held on 19th July 2016 in the school. Songs based on patriotism were selected and were prepared by music teacher and class teachers.. The judges for the competition were Mrs. Sunita Sonawane  & Mrs. Shilpa Joshi. Mrs. Shilpa Joshi addressed the students and stressed on the social awareness like keeping the surroundings clean, no wastage of paper etc. she also appreciated the efforts taken by the teachers & students. School principal Mrs. Sundari  Jaishankar also appericiated the same. The Winner for this competition was class IV- LILY.

19 Jul 2016
Field Trip to Science Center, Nigdi

Filed trip gives us opportunity to visit prestigious centres that helps us to visualize what we learn at school. It gives us an opportunity to acquire knowledge through actual exposure. The students got lot of first-hand experience of various scientific concepts. A field trip was organised by the school to take the students of Grade VII to Science Centre, Nigdi on 16th July, 2016. 

19 Jul 2016
Group Poem recitation Of Grade V

In poetry students enjoy the beauty of Poem. They enjoy beauty of expression, thought, rhyme, rhythm and words. In group poetry recitation competition students exhibited their talent and confidence in a group which requires a lot of teamwork, synchronization, rhythm. All the participants left the judges mesmerised with their performance and students of Grade VA bagged the first position. This competition was conducted in school on 13th July, 2016.

14 Jul 2016
Palkhi Celebration

Ashadhi Ekadashi is a religious Festival. The pooja of God Vitthal is performed in Pandharpur. Warkaris take part enthusiastically and religiously in the procession which is called “Dindi”. They walk all the way to Pandharpur from Dehu and Alandi.
               We at DSK School tried to depict the same on Thursday, 14th July, 2016. The palkhi was beautifully decorated. A small procession was carried in the school campus where the kids walked in groups (Dindi), sang and danced. Our vice president Mrs. Panse  Madam and Principal Mrs. Sundari Madam performed the ‘Aarti’. The teacher’s sang religious bhajans and songs .The children enjoyed the function whole heartedly and joyfully by enhancing their knowledge of our tradition.

08 Jul 2016
Orientation programme for Nursery

Orientation programme for Nursery was conducted in DSK School. Mrs Uma Panse addressed the parents about the discipline and good habits at home. Mrs. Sundari , principal of the school, addressed the parents  about how the school acts as a firm bridge between home and social life. The school co-coordinator Ms.Bina Wagle took them on a short journey called “curriculum and teaching methods” with parents enthusiastically participating in the session.

05 Jul 2016
Orientation programme for Jr.KG & Sr.KG

Orientation programme for Jr.KG & Sr.KG was conducted in DSK School. Mrs Uma Panse addressed the parents about the discipline and good habits at home. Mrs.Sundari , principal of the school, addressed the parents  regarding parents teachers role in collaboration with each other working towards same goal. The school co-coordinator Ms.Bina Wagle briefed them about the curriculum and teaching methods. It was an interactive session with parents taking part enthusiastically.

18 Jun 2016
DSK School Orientation Programme(VIII -X)

On 18th June 2016, DSK School conducted the Orientation Programme of std  X wherein the school management introduced the new Director Mrs. Ashwini Kulkarni. The newly promoted Principal of the school Mrs. Sundari addressed the parents of students of std.x.  She emphasised the fact that the DSK School today has 1300 students inall. She also spoke about the the various innovative ideas implemented. She let the parents know that the school vision is the Overall Development of the child. For which she emphasised the fact that Learning should be beyond the four walls of the class-room, life-oriented studies. Introduction of value education, soft-skills, Explorer's lab, Career counseling, Internship Program, Digitilisation of all the class-rooms & introducing of various clubs like - Whiz kids club, Young Entrepreneur club, World web club & Gardening Club.Learning made more interesting & effective.
Mrs. Ashwini Kulkarni emphasised on the importance of Participatory  Management. Success beyond Academic Excellence. Goal-Oriented studies & efforts of a child. Anchoring support to the child.
Miss. Jayashree Mulay , the supervisor of the school, presented the Annual Planner for std x for the academic year 2016-2017. Also highlighted the pattern of ICSE Board exams, yearly calendar, project submission schedule & the board exam schedule. Appointment of a PTA Representative.
Mrs. Uma Panse, the honourable vice-president of DSK school , advised the parents to be a Friend to the child. She assured that for the overall development of the child, the school & the parents would work together and create a strong foundation for a successful future.

29 Feb 2016
Science Quiz

In honour of Dr CV Raman, 28th February is celebrated as science day. To pay homage to Dr Raman, a science quiz was organized for the students of grade IV to IX . Three groups were made: Class IV, V, VI and VII;VIII and IX. Elimination tests were taken inthe classes and the students who could crack this qualifying test were selected for the finals. The quiz was conducted in seven rounds:Simple, Difficult, Question, Buzzer,Audio visual buzzer, Audio visual, Rapid five and experimental round.
The overall winning team was Dr.HomiBhabha Team.
EVS and Math quizzes were also organized for the students of pre-primarysection.Three teams were made; SmartsFlyers, Power Rangers and Super Strikers. After eliminationrounds final quiz was taken in three rounds in the digital room. For EVS Quiz rounds were Homes of Animals,Animals food,Who am I,Animals body parts.Winning team was Power Rangers.
Rounds for Math quiz: Complete the Pattern, Number Magic and Visual Teasers. In this competition also the winning team was again Power Ranger.
Through these quizzes, the students were trained to attempt the questions .These little ones really followed the instructions and performed extremely well. Kudos to all the students.

15 Feb 2016
Adieu to Class X

DSK School bid adieu to its Class X students who would be leaving the school after their final exams of ICSE Board. It was a moment filled with nostalgic memories of these students who recollected various precious moments of their life being in this school. Many of these students shared their experiences and expressed their gratitude towards the school. They rendered heart touching experiences and how they got right kind of grooming from the school, which has made them able and responsible adults, ready to go ahead in life.
The principal of the school Mrs Alka Agate rendered a motivatingspeech. She extended het good wishes to the students and expressed that her students would certainly succeed in life.
The highlight of the programme was a very encouraging and enlightening talk by the Founder Trustee of the school Mr D S Kulkarni. He guided the students about their future and career. He further encouraged the students to venture into their own businesses and assured them that DSK Group will whole heartedly support all such students who wish to set up their own enterprises.
The entire programme was arranged, conducted and compared by the students of Class IX in a much organised manner. Finally, the programme concluded with vote of thanks by the Speaker of the Students Council.    

15 Feb 2016
Pre-Primary Annual Social

Pre-primary section of DSK School is a special cell and the entire curriculum is activity based . This section had its annual function in the  month of  February .The theme of the  annual social was ‘Let’s Move ‘ which  refers to Sports .The young ones  matched the limbs with famous numbers  of the sports like  ‘BajegiSeeteUdegaBall’, ‘BhagMillkhaBhag’ etc.The grand entry of the Students took place when they walked through the audience and climbed up the stage. This mesmerized all the spectators’ .The highlight of the programme was the Skit by students of Sr. Kg.on Millkha Singh and Marry Com. The students acted so perfectly that the audience was spellbound. This function was graced by the chief guest and famous singer Mrs.ManjushaPatil,President Mrs Uma Panse and Principal Mrs AlkaAgate .

08 Feb 2016
DSK Karandak 2015 -16

DSK school is the leading school which gives equal importance to the sports along with academics.Keeping this in view every year school organizes ‘Karandak’ in sports for all the sections.2013-14 ‘Sports Krandak’ was organized for the Secondary section,2014-15 for Preprimary and this year2015-16 for Primary Section.
Twenty three prominent schools of Pune participated in this prestigious sports competition. The flag off activity of this esteemed event started on 30thof January with a Mini Marathon in which the winner was DSK School.The Next leg of the programmescheduled on 5thand 6th of February. First day was the inauguration of this sports meet. Mrs.SumruddhiPorey the well acclaimed producer and director of Marathi cinema was guest of honor who graced this occasion and declared the sports meet open. President Mrs.HemantiKulkarni, Vice president Mrs.Uma Panse,Principal Mrs. Alka Agate shared the stage with Mrs. Porey.  Followed by this were the track events and ‘Lagadi’ competition.Next day started with dodge ball and track events.
The winner of the Karandak for the year 2015-16 wasDSK School,2nd position Kalmadi High School & 3rd position was shared by Sinhgad City School Kondhva & Sinhgad Springdale School Ambegaon.

30 Jan 2016
Brain Pop: Amusing Subject wise Indoor games

Brain Pop: Amusing Subject wise Indoor games
DSK School always attempts creative ways and methods to develop the various abilities of its students. During this academic year 2015 -16 DSK School had organized many intellectual games and activities, which were used to stir the ‘Grey Matter’ and hone their intellectual skills. Numerous indoor games, based on the various subjects were played.The unique feature was that these games were ingeniously designed by the Teachers and played not only by the students but even their Parents.
Some of the subject wise games and quizzes:
English: Wheel of Homophones, Decoding of Hollywood Actors and Films, Decoding Proverbs, Crossword etc.
Maths:Logic Magic, Battle Ship, Luck by Chance, Calender Game, Mom & Daddy why should I study Math etc.
Hindi : ‘Shabdon Se SidiPurnaKaro’, ‘ChitraVarna’ , ‘AdhuriKavitaPurnkijea’, ‘Shabdon Se LokktiyaAurMuhavre’ etc.
Sports: ‘Swapping the queen’, ‘Blowingthe balloons’, ‘Three floor house with cards’ etc.
Marathi: Identify proverbs with the help of pictures, English to Marathi etc.
Geography: Ignite your Mind, Dart Game and locating place on Globe, etc.
Computer: Internet Safety, Road Safety, Bug on the Plate, Tic Tac Toe, etc.
This function was inaugurated by the School President Mrs HemantiKulkarni, Vice President
Mrs Uma Panse and Principal Mrs AlkaAgte. They not only inaugurated but also actively participated and played these games as well.
The whole function was a grand success which was enjoyed by all those present.

26 Jan 2016
Republic Day Celebration

DSK School celebrated Republic Day with patriotic fervour and gaiety. The celebrations started with hoisting the National Flag by the President of School Mrs Hemanti D Kulkarni. After unfurling of the Tricolour, the students took out a march past. Followed by this was a presentation of a wonderful musical melody by the students. Next on the agenda was presentation of Academic excellence Prizes for the year which were given away to the deserving and bright students.
After this, highly motivating and inspirational talks were delivered by Mrs Hemanti D Kulkarni and the Principal Mrs Alka Agate. All the Students thoroughly enjoyed and felt highly motivated and charged with positivity.

25 Jan 2016
DSK ‘Numeric Genius’ Inter School Math Quiz

DSK School held Inter School Math Quiz Competition ‘Numeric Genius’ on 22nd. January 2016. 14 leading schools of Pune participated in this prestigious event. This is the first time in Pune that such a competition was held.
The multi-level competition started with ‘Elimination Round’. The Four teams which cleared this first level were DSK School, JnanaPrabodhini, New India School and SPM.This was followed by the formal Inaugural function was held. The Chief Guest Mr M. Prakash Director of M Prakash Academy, President of DSK School Mrs Hemanti Kulkarni, Vice President Mrs Uma Panse, Principal
Mrs Alka Agate and School Coordinators lit the lamp to mark the auspicious beginning of the event.
The competition had in all Six rounds of Quizzing ; Inaugural round, Visual, Buzzer, Challenge,Rapid fire and Practical, in which the qualified four teams participated. The final winner of this tough competition was DSK School which clinched the final point in a nail biting competition. SPM School was on the Second Position, Jnana Prabodhini stood on the Third Position and Fourth Position was won by SPM and New India School . The winners took the prestigious trophy while all other winners were awarded Certificates and Books. 
The conclusion of this event, which was truly the ‘Cherry on the Cake’, was a wonderful and spell bound talk by Mr M Prakash. 

22 Jan 2016
DSK Spell Bee

Students of Secondary section participated in spell bee and showcased the talents in English words formation and recognizing them. There were four rounds in which students were tested for the knowledge of origin,spelling and meaning of the words.The last round was ‘SpellowMaestro’. Round in which the students individually had to spell series of words and the student who spelt all correct was declared the ‘Spellow Maestro’. Lastly the winner was declared and the spell Bee concluded with the encouraging words of the principal.

21 Jan 2016
DSK Sports day

Pre-primary section had their sports day on 20th of January 2016. The event started with the welcome note and was preceded by a rally and march-past by the participants. Students welcomed the Principal Mrs  Alka Agate and Vice President Mrs Uma Panse by saluting them. Further the meet was declared open and Participants took part in the competition. Sr.KG and Jr.KG students participated in Three legged race,Ball balancing, Running race etc.Nursery Rabbit race and book balancing and Play Group –running race.
Principal addressed the students and encouraged them and the programme culminated with the prize distribution ceremony.

14 Jan 2016
MakarSankaranti Celebrations in DSK School

Playground of DSK School echoed with the laughter and cries of Joy of the students.All the students of Pre-primary section enjoyed traditional games in the sun of MakarSankranti day. Students Played GilliDanda,Lagori,Bavara, Gotti (marbles),Tyres and Kite.Students learnt to play all these games and enjoyed playing them.They also enjoyed the Bon Fire on this cool MakarSankaranti  day. Teachers briefed the students about the importance of makarsankarnti.

04 Jan 2016
ISA Project on Zip Code

As a part of the on-going ISA Project, students of Std. V and VI of DSK School have taken a subproject on ‘Zip Code’. It was a Two Week assignment, which was thoroughly completed by students with the help of teachers. During the process of project, students gathered information about the Zip Codes of India, Netherlands and USA. To further enhance knowledge about Indian postal services, students visited GPO and understood the ‘Sorting’ process of mails. Having understood the process, they had a mock exercise of sending letters, sorting them and delivering after sorting. Mail Box was kept in the school to give a realistic effect and feel to this mock postage system.

17 Dec 2015
Acrostic competition

Acrostic is a fun competition, which introduces younger pupils to poetry and helps them create their own poems. Poems can be written on any theme, from the current class topic to pupils' names. The Acrostic competition was conducted on 15th of December for grade IV students. The students participated enthusiastically and expressed their thoughts through beautiful poems.

17 Dec 2015
GK Quiz competition

General Knowledge sharpens the minds of children and makes them aware of the happenings around them. GK Quiz competition for the Grade I,II and III was conducted on 15th of December. The participants went through three rounds of selection .The participants were grouped into four teams - Ruby, Topaz, Emerald and Sapphire.  The questions were categorised into various levels on the basis of the age group of the participants. Six rounds of questions related to current affairs, history, science etc. were asked to the students. It was very informative and knowledge enriching competition for the participants along with the audience. Topaz team emerged as winner of the competition followed by Sapphire team. The school Principal, Mrs. Alka Agate congratulated the winners and  stressed on the importance of general awareness.

16 Dec 2015
A countless experience of market and money transit

Tiny students of pre-primary section of DSK Schoolenjoyed a fun filled ‘market week’. The week started with a PPT presentation. Students were shown a presentation on market, money exchange and currency denomination.
 Students of Sr. Kg.and Jr.Kg. went to the vegetable market and actually purchased vegetables and fruits. Whereas Nursery and Play group students had an experience of the market in the school premises. Fruits,vegetables,biscuits and chocolates were sold in the school.
Student got a first-hand experience of buying and selling. To evaluate retention of knowledge students were given a worksheet.

16 Dec 2015
Visit to Times of India Office

It was a grand learning at Times of India Office. Students of Std. VII of DSK School got this wonderful opportunity to visit the offices of ‘The Times of India’.Students acquired the first hand information about how does a News Paper office functions and all aspects pertaining to gathering of news, editing, copy writing, lay out design, publishing etc. They specially learned a lot about the functioning of NIE and News release.
Students got a chance to see the chief editor of NIE and learn about page structure, Page layout, Language.Further they interacted with Reporter MrRadheshyamwho briefed them about the challenges in the field of Journalism.Ms PriyankSarwate briefed about the publishing house and distribution methods.

09 Dec 2015
Story writing,poem writing and paragraph writing c

DSK School reopened with a bang after Diwali vacation.All the students pulled up their socks to perform well in all the competitions and events that followed in the second term. The first competition in this term was Paragraph writing for Std. V, VI, and VII; Story writing for Std. VIII and Poem writing for Std. IX.Topics were declared on the day of the competition and students were allowed prepare rough draft and then final drafts were written.Before the competition the English teachers trained and guided the students to write paragraph, story and poem. The scripts were collected and corrected by the English teachers. Students wrote so well that it was difficult to select winners.

02 Nov 2015
Fun Week

Students of Pre Primary classes of DSK School celebrated ‘Fun week’ from 28th to 30th October 2015. In this period there were array of fun filled activities for these young students. The various activities included Pottery making, Lenten making, Making ‘Bhel’, Diwali Dance Party and host of Indoor and Outdoor games. These eventful and fun filled days added further cheer and happiness in these festive Diwali days. This is how these three wonderful days of fun week were enjoyed by these little ones. 

30 Oct 2015
ISA Project

British council’s International School Award, which is an ongoing project in DSK School, the third sub project is ‘Currency‘. Students of Std III and Std IV participated in this project. Students studied thoroughly about the currency of USA, UK, Belgium, Kenya and India.
Students learnt about the material used to make coins and notes, symbols used to represent with the name of the currencies and methods of minting and printing them. The representation of the data collected was done by PPT, scrapbooks, photos etc. A grand exhibit of coins was displayed by an avid coin collector Mr. Bhatt. He displayed the coins of 80 countries. This exhibition was open for the parents. The main attraction of the event was a quiz on the currencies. Students also learnt to convert foreign currency into Indian currency. Moreover they also learnt about the current rates of the currency of the above mentioned countries.   

30 Oct 2015

Kite was one of the Four sub projects under the International School Award competition. Std I and Std II participated in this project. Students studied the kites of the three countries USA, China and India. Under this project students performed various activities like collecting data organizing and analyzing data, PPT, making kites etc. so as to get all possible knowledge about Kites
Students learnt a great deal. They learnt to make kites of the above mentioned countries, name of the different type of kites, how they are flown etc. The main highlight of the project was the Kite flying event .In this event parents were the invitees.
Large number of parents joined kite flying and had a nostalgic reminiscence their good old days.  

22 Oct 2015
National Police Day

Police force is an organization which works twenty four by seven in welfare of the country. They ensure the security of the masses. DSK School paid respect to this power packed organization in a very unique way. Students of standards IV, V VI and few teachers visited Sun city Police Station at Sinhgad road. Students greeted the Inspector Mr. Nitin Jadhav. He welcomed the students and briefed the students with the procedures and working of Police force. He briefed on how to lodge complain and many other aspects. Students gave flowers to all the staff of the station. Students returned to school with booty of information.

22 Oct 2015
Prize Giving

First term of this Academic Year has come to an end and the students eagerly waited for their accolade. DSK School had organized the prize giving ceremony to appreciate the winners of the various competitions conduced in the first term.
Competitions are the integral part of all round development. Due to the competitions, students learn to compete with each other and can develop sportsman spirit.
Competitions like cartoon making, storytelling and writing, recitation etc. enhanced critical thinking, analytical ability and logical sequencing.
School President Mrs. Hemanti Kulkarni and Principal Mrs. Alka Agate grace the occasion and they handed over the coveted prizes to the winners .The programme was concluded by the speech of the school President Mrs.  Hemanti Kulkarni.

16 Oct 2015
Community Helpers

Importance of community helpers is very well explained to the preprimary section of DSK School. Students were fully clad into the various helpers’ attire like milkman, news paper vendor, painter, farmer, nurse, doctor, teacher, pilot, soldiers and what not. They not only dressed but also spoke about the role of these helpers. How these helpers help the society.
Students of Sr. Kg went to the construction site to take firsthand experience about the Plumber, Mason, electrician and carpenter. They saw how these people work efficiently. Students spent time with these helpers and learn about their work. To evaluate retention of knowledge students were given worksheet. They gain practical knowledge which can be applied in day to day life

16 Oct 2015
Tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Every member of DSK School paid homage to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on his 79th birthday. 15th Oct 2015 is declared as the’ World Students’ Day’ in memory of Dr. Kalam by UNO. This auspicious day started with special assembly. Supervisor of Secondary section spoke about the life and great works of Dr. Kalam and few articles on the life of Dr. Kalam were read. Further the day proceeded with reading activity. Entire school Pre- primary to second section read together .For Pre-primary, teachers of Std. 1 and 2 read stories for the students and later an interaction session was carried out. Teachers asked application based questions to the students and they answered all the questions to the best of their knowledge. Students of Std. 3 to 10 brought a book from their home and read it in school. The entire environment was so serene that a little rustle of the leaves could be heard. This reading activity culminated with review writing. Everybody enjoyed the activity with the bursting zest. 

12 Oct 2015
Visit to Market (Abhiruchi mall)

Sr. KG Students of DSK School visited Abhiruchi Mall to get the first hand experience of ‘Buying and Selling’. Students themselves did purchases and got the experience of market place. The students went around the mall and visited each department and section of the market. The teachers explained them the entire process. The students very much enjoyed this visit. Later a worksheet was given to evaluate their understanding and retention of knowledge on this subject.   

01 Oct 2015
Grand Parents Day

Grandparents day in DSK School was celebrated with great fun and frolic. Students of Pre-primary section and primary section (Std I and II) participated in this event .Pre-primary students prepared cards for their grandparents to show their gratitude. They also sang songs. Students of Primary section entertained their grandparents with variety of programmes like dances and songs .The main high light of the programme was games which the grandparents enjoyed the most.The day were full of elation and ecstasy.

21 Sep 2015
World peace day

In the present scenario fetching peace is very important, mental peace, physical peace and peace around us. In this move DSK School has taken a small initiative. Students right from Pre-primary classes to Std X participated in this drive. Placards were prepared to demonstrate the need of peace within our self and around us. A human chain was made to propagate the message of peace.   Headgears were prepared with the slogans. Principal Mrs. Alka Agate opened the drive by releasing the balloons. She also briefed students about the intricacies of peace and how to observe peace and reflect peace.   

17 Sep 2015
Ganapati Sthapana

DSK school gives a mammoth platform to explore inner strength of every student .This Year students of Std IX  were privileged  to shoulder the responsibility  of  decorating  Ganpati and  the school premises.
Entire decoration was done with eco-friendly material and even the Ganesh idol was made from eco-friendly material ‘Shalu Mati’.
On 17th September early morning students of Std IX and X along with few teachers came for Ganpathi Sthapna, Pujan and Arati. Principal Mrs. Alka Agate initiated the Arati procedures followed with the distribution of Prasad. On Monday the 19th, rest of the students performed Arati. In the afternoon Visarjan was done in a unique way. Students were briefed about the pollution created by the POP idols and an experiment was performed to prove that POP does not dissolve in water. As our Ganesh Idol was made of ‘Shalu Mati’, it got dissolved in the artificial immersion tank.

11 Sep 2015
Sharvani Mauj

DSK School celebrates month of ‘Sharavn’ in a very unique way. All the festivals which fall in this month are celebrated and the grand finale is concluded at the end of the month. A grand feast of culture programme was laid for the parents. Students of pre-primary participated in the feast. They hummed songs and tapped their feet on music numbers related to rains, Mangala Gauri, Rakshabhandan and of course Janamaasthami. The last performance was a small ballad on Krishana and Yashoda Maa, followed by the ’Dahi Hadi’. Parents were ecstatic to see their wards performing with such perfection and finesse.

10 Sep 2015
Hindi Bhashan Pratiyogita at the DSK School

Hindi Bhashan Pratiyogita at the DSK School
This competition is second in the series of month long ‘Hindi Diwas’ celebration. Students of Std. V and VI participated in this competition. Topics for the speeches were declared one week before the competition and students wrote their own speeches and delivered flawlessly for the competition. There was a cut-throat competition among the participants. Each speech was laden with elite class of language grafted with day today incidences. Every speech was better than the other. Next came the orator ship.  Students narrated their speeches unblemishly and mesmerized the judges and the audience. Judging was difficult however the judges declared the winners.

10 Sep 2015
Hindi Ekanki Pratiyogita in DSK School

The third competition in the row of celebrating ‘Hindi Diwas’ In DSK School was ‘Ekanki Pratiyogita.’ Students of Std. VII and VIII participated in this competition. Hindi teachers played a vital role in selecting the good scripts and also helped the students to enact aptly. There were four plays flawlessly presented with all the elements of fine playwright. Moreover, these plays were based on the varied moral values. Students prepared themselves perfectly and made every character come live. Dialogue delivery was very effective and dynamic which made impact on the hearts of audience and judges. Though winners were declared by the judges, however each play was better than other.     

10 Sep 2015
Vad Vivad Pratiyogita

This was the last competition organized in DKS School as a part of the Hindi Month celebrations. Std. IX participated in this competition. The Topic for the competition was ‘Vidhayathi: Abibhavak, Shiskshak aur samaj ka dabav’. Students were given ample of time for the preparation. They presented their thought with such conviction that the audience was mesmerized. Both the sides, for and against the motion, were presented with proper examples and incidences .Each pie was better than the other and it was difficult to declare the winners and the best speakers. Judges had a very tough time in selecting the winner.

08 Sep 2015
Kavita Pathan for Std I and II

Hindi month, which is being celebrated in the honour of ‘Hindi Diwas’, is in its full swing in DSK School.  ‘Kavita Pathan’ was conducted for the students of Std. I and II. This is the fourth competition in a row.
Teachers gave topics of the ‘Kavita’ a week before and prepared the students for the same. On the day of competition students recited the poems with proper pauses and intonation. Pronunciation and the meaning of the poems were so apt and created a aura of poetry everywhere in the School. These tiny tots were too good in their presentation and the confidence was seen in their actions. Students gave a tough competition to each other. Judges had a great time with these young ‘Kavis’. Lastly the winners were declared.

07 Sep 2015
Tatkal Sambhashan Pratiyogita

 Hindi Diwas is celebrated in the month of September. To commemorate this day complete September month is dedicated in the honour Hindi. DSK School has arranged an array of activities to celebrate Hindi month and conduct various events and activities right from the beginning of the month and the culmination celebration will on the 14th of September, which is ‘Hindi Diwas’.

Tatkal Sambhashan Pratiyogita
This Competition was the first in the row of various functions held as a part of ‘Hindi Diwas’. Students of Std III and IV participated with great confidence and enthusiasm. Topics for the ‘Sambhashan’ were selected by the Hindi teachers. On the Day of competition students were furnished with the topics. They spoke spontaneously and appropriately on the given topics. To speak spontaneously one should be well equipped with the good vocabulary. Yes, Students showcased the tremendous amount of language proficiency. Judges were spellbound with the all the performances. It was difficult for the judges to choose the winners.

04 Sep 2015
Teachers’ Day Celebration

This year’s ‘Teachers’ Day’ was celebrated in a very unique way in DSK School. All the three section Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary section students presented a gallery of activities for the teachers. Students’ council took the charge and arranged the programmers in all three sections. There were songs dedicated to the teachers, skits and dances. Even parents participated in organizing the function. Head boy and head girl ran the school as principal and vice principal. Students conducted the class also with efficiency. Further students’ council presented teachers their portfolio profile which made teachers ecstatic. Lastly games were organizes which worked as the cherry on the cake. It was a fun filled day and everybody enjoyed it to the fullest.

03 Sep 2015
Hockey Icon Major Dhyanchand Birth Celebration

A great tribute was paid to legendary hockey player Major Dhyanchand by the Pre-Primary section of DSK School. The programme commenced with paying homage to the great personality. Principal Mrs. Alka Agate offered flowers at the portrait of the great sports personality Major Dhyanchand. Students of Sr. KG delivered speeches. Principal Madam declared the hockey competition open. Students of Junior KG and Senior KG participated in the competition. Students enjoyed the competition. Lastly Principal Madam guided and encouraged all the students with her with her speech.

31 Aug 2015
International School Award (ISA)

DSK School has undertaken British Council’s ‘ISA’ projects. As a part of this, the Second Sub project was ‘Dolls’. Pre-primary section participated in this project with great enthusiasm and passion. Host of activities were arranged under this project. India, Japan and USA were the prescribed area to study the intricacies of Dolls. Students learnt about the types and names of the dolls that exist in these three countries. They filled color in the pictures of dolls and also made collage work of these pictures. Stick puppet were made and the students expressed their views about on them in the ’Show and Talk’ session. Further, all the students were given golden time to play with their favorite dolls to gauge their emotions. The major high light of this project was the Fashion show .The tiny models draped as various dolls performed cat walk and set the ramp ablaze. The most awaited event was dolls’ wedding which was performed in the traditional Maharashtrian way. Parents appreciated the efforts of the teachers and the students and extended their good wishes for the ISA Projects.

28 Aug 2015
Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Raksha  Babdhan  has a great meaning’ Raksha’ means Protection and’ Bandhan’ means commitment .These are the value of good human beings which are instilled unknowingly in the students  of Dsk School . Virtually Students commit to protect their Rakhi Sisters  and to prove  this Students of DSK school  celebrate  ‘Raksha  Bandhan’ Festival . On this auspicious day  girls right from Play group to Std 10 tied rakhi to the boys and they exchanged gifts with each others. The day was filled with love, affection and enthusiasm . 

26 Aug 2015
Declamation Competition

The declamation competition was held on 26th of August for the students of grade fourth. The preliminary round was conducted on 21st of August. Four students from each class were selected for the final round.  The students had to declaim the speeches of prominent public personalities. The speeches of Swami Vivekananda, Lokmanya Balgangadar Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Ambedkar and APJ Abdul Kalam were delivered effectively with confidence and expression. The oratorical skill displayed by the participants won the hearts of the judges and the audience. Ms.Jaishree Mulay and Mrs.Nanda Deshpande were the judges for the contest. The judges appreciated the talent and confidence of the students. The school Principal Mrs.Alka Agate, who was present for the contest appreciated the budding talents for their zealous participation and motivated the students with words of wisdom.

26 Aug 2015
English Elocution Competition

The English elocution competition was held on 26th of August for the students of grade third and fourth. The preliminary round was conducted on 20th of August. Four students from each class were selected for the final round. All the participants performed exceptionally well. The contestants were well prepared and the flawless renditions signified perfect diction, intonation and expression. The judges for the contest were Ms.Kunjan Biswas and Ms.Neha Kapoor. They applauded the participants for their confidence and clarity of thoughts. The school Principal Mrs.Alka Agate, who was present for the contest, motivated the students with words of wisdom.

24 Aug 2015
Nag Panchami Celebration

Pre-Primary section of DSK School celebrated ‘Nag Panchami’, which is one of the important festivals of Maharashtra, with fun and frolic. The tiny students of this section, deck in traditional dresses, looked liked the angels descending down in the world of the DSK School. These little angels performed dances on all the traditional songs. They also played traditional games.  The most important aspect of this festival is that the students were briefed about the habit and habitat of the snake .The function concluded with narration of the story ‘Snake, the Friend of farmers.

22 Aug 2015
Enterprise Challenge

DSK School always provides enormous opportunities to hone the various skill of the students. This year School has undertaken a project ‘School Enterprising Challenge‘. Students of Std VI and VII were selected to work on this project .They manufactured various handicraft articles like photo frames, paper bags, painted pots, jewelry, hand embroidered articles and many more. The finished goods were exhibited for sale. Students earned a handsome profit, which will be donated to an organization which reaches out to help people in need.

This Project progressed through many phases. It started with brain storming, naming the firm ‘Creative fingers’, investment, planning, manufacturing as well as sales and marketing. All these departments were made and students worked accordingly.

 On 22nd August School organized an exhibition and students sold the articles made by them in this project .This exhibition were opened by vice–president Mrs. Uma Panse. This exhibition was a grand success.
This project will continue till November 2015.In next phase, more new items will be made for sale.

21 Aug 2015
Philanthropic gesture

10th of August was the day to lend hands to the society. Students and teachers of the DSK School collected old cloths to donate in the Orphanage ‘Swadhar.’ As is said, ‘charity begins from home’. Almosthe students contributed to this noble cause .Collected clothes were segregated age wise and gender wise .Further the bundles were made and packed properly. Students accomplished their duties compassionately. They learnt the values of sharing and caring, which are the core values in personality development.

15 Aug 2015
Independence Day Celebrations at DSK School

DSK School celebrated Independence Day with fervor and gaiety. The President of the School, Mrs. Hemanti Kulkarni unfurl the National Flag to mark the occasion. Students presented Patriotic Songs as well as a talk on the relevance of Independence Day.
The main attraction of the function was opening of a history gallery depicting visuals and write up about India’s Freedom struggle and the attainment of Independence. The opening of this gallery was also done by Mrs. Hemanti Kulkarni. The entire function brought to life the memories of our freedom struggle and created awareness among students about the sacrifice and struggle our earlier generations put in to achieve the freedom which we enjoy today.DSK School celebrated Independence Day with fervor and gaiety. The President of the School, Mrs. Hemanti Kulkarni unfurl the National Flag to mark the occasion. Students presented Patriotic Songs as well as a talk on the relevance of Independence Day.
The main attraction of the function was opening of a history gallery depicting visuals and write up about India’s Freedom struggle and the attainment of Independence. The opening of this gallery was also done by Mrs. Hemanti Kulkarni. The entire function brought to life the memories of our freedom struggle and created awareness among students about the sacrifice and struggle our earlier generations put in to achieve the freedom which we enjoy today.

14 Aug 2015
Patriotic Song Competition

Pre Primary Students of DSK School participated in Patriotic Song Competition organized by the school as a part of Independence Day Celebrations. The Tiny Tots of Jr. KG and Sr. KG enthusiastically participated in this competition and sang varied Patriotic Songs in different languages like English, Hindi and Marathi. It was a commendable effort for such young ones to learn by heart and later present full songs in proper tune and rhythm. The judges had a tough time as each song was better than the other.

31 Jul 2015
Kiddies’ Kitchenette

Students of Pre Primary section of DSK School enjoyed preparing ‘Suji hlawa’ in Kiddies’ Kitchenette.
During this activity students learnt about the ingredients used and the recipe to make halwa ’.
Teachers showed all the ingredients and told them the names in English. Later students visited pantry to observe the preparation of ‘halwa’. This was the great experience for the students, they learnt difficult names like resin, cardamom etc. through ‘play way’ method. This practical way of learning really helps students for the retention of knowledge. The activity concluded with solving of worksheet

29 Jul 2015
Merriment in rain

Rain rejuvenates plants, animals and human being as well. In such a refreshing climate pre primary section of DSK School sailed paper boats in the pond. Students right from play group to senior KG prepared boats with the help of the teachers. This activity was not a mere activity of boat sailing but also carried academic interest. Students could understand the concept of sink and float, heavy and light and wet and dry. This activity concluded with solving of work sheet.

24 Jul 2015
Shlok and devotional song competition

DSK  School welcomed ‘Aadhik Mas’ with grand  celebrations
Std I and II filled the entire auditorium with the chanting of shloks .These tiny students of primary sections by hearted all the difficult shloka and recitation gushed effortlessly from the tongue .They faced the competition with huge courage and performed to the perfection.
Std III and IV further swelled the environment with the essence of devotion when the students sang devotional songs. Even these students also appear for the competition and fared well in the same.
The presentation of both the competitions was superb and neck to neck ,it was very  difficult for the judges to select the best.
The celebrations did not stopped here where as it came to full bloom when the pre-primary section served a cultural feast all inclusive of dances and songs. A procession was taken out with decorative palki and students were in the getup of Vitthal and Rukmani.  The entire day delight was in the air.

11 Jul 2015
Poster Making Competition

On the occasion of world’s population day July 11, 2015 , DSK School had  organized  a poster  making

competition for Std. IV and V. This competition was to create awareness about population growth.

Students   expressed themselves so intensively, effectively and creatively about the problems created by

huge population.

01 Jul 2015
World Joke Day

Laughter is the biggest medicine for everyone. Jokes are the comic relief which gives us solace in this 
stressful life. To ensure the happiness in our life, we at DSK school celebrated World’s Jokes Day.
Hue of programmes were conducted for amusement. An informative assembly was held giving details 
about World Joke Day and jokes were cracked in this assembly as well. Magic show for Jr. Kg to Std IV, 
Cratoon making for VI and VII and face painting for Std IV. Students enjoyed every bit of the day and 
used humor throughout the day. This was the great day for the DSK School

25 Jun 2015
Essay competition organized in DSK School

Essay is the most creative genre of Literature it needs lots of concentration, good vocabulary ,logical thinking. Students of DSK School used this genre in a very unique way to  cerebrate world environment day ,Students of secondary section  expressed their view on environment through essay, moreover students  gave solution to reduce environmental problems. English teachers shouldered the responsibility to groom students to write good essays  .On the day of competition students were given topics related to the environment issue .  Students wrote beautiful essay with apt vocabulary and creative ideas. Judges were aghast to read such ornamental essay.      

22 Jun 2015
International Yoga Day

DSK School celebrated yoga day with great enthusiasm. Non teaching staff ,teachers and
students right from pre-primary to std X performed various ‘Yoga Asans’ and derived 
advantages from it. A brief theory of origin of yoga and the benefit accrued from it were 
narrated by the sports teacher. Before the final performance of yoga   a short workshop on 
different asanas   and ‘Aalom- Vilome’ was conducted. Students and teachers took an oath to 
make yoga an integral part of the life. Vice President Mrs. Uma Panse enlightened the entire 
school members about ‘Yoga Sadhan’ as she is a staunch follower yogic activities.

04 Jun 2015
First day of the school June 4th 2015

Students, in the midst of charming reminiscences, stride in at DSK School to share their 
experiences. Environment of the school was enveloped with the chirruping of these buddies.
YES!!! School reopened with the buzzing bell of the assembly .The first school assembly was 
addressed by the Principal Mrs. Alka Agate where she welcomed all the students with her 
beautiful expression of thoughts. There are many more programmes which will be rolled out 
on the carpet of new academic year. Induction of the Students was done with multiple 
creative activities. Teachers made this day memorable by gauging all the attention of the 
students by arranging host of activities. This is how the DSK School began this new 

25 Feb 2015
The Science Quiz was organized at DSK School

The Science Quiz was organized at DSK school to cherish the scientific aptitude among the children and to provoke them to improve their science knowledge base. The competition was conducted for the combinations of the following grades, grade IV and V, Grade VI and VII, grade VIII and IX, teams were named after the great Scientists of India Viz. Dr Homi Bhabha , Dr C.V. Raman, Dr Abdul Kalam and Dr Vikram Sarabhai, the arena of the competition was thrilled with 7 rounds including audio-visual round, buzzer round, and Practical round. The competition was neck to neck and the winner teams were announced immediately after the Competition.

14 Feb 2015
Students performed concert for the Grandparents

Pre –primary students performed concert for the Grandparents-
Saturday morning was fun filled in THE DSK SCHOOL. Proud grandparents strutted towards the venue where their grand children were to perform. The concert commenced with lighting the lamp and this honor was done by the vice President Mrs. Uma Panse and Principal Mrs. Alka Agate. Later the students’ breathe taking dances performance enthralled the audiences. The most adorable act was the speeches by the tiny students, who praised their grandparents with broken language. At the end vice President and Principal shared their views.

31 Jan 2015
Elocution competition and Map-marking Competition

Elocution competition and Map-marking Competition was conducted at DSK School
The Inter-House Elocution Competition was held ay DSK School; arena of the competition was filled with inspiring thoughts, fantastic postulation of opinions and impressive presentation. The students presented their views articulately on the critical topics like democracy, wars, economic crisis and social website. The competition conducted for the grade V and VI and grade VII to IX separately. The speeches delivered by the students were really thought provoking and mind boggling. The event was culminated with a few words of encouragement by the Principal. This event was followed with Inter-House Map-Marking competition to introduce the principles of Cartography; in this the students were given the task to collect information about the various places such as temples, multiplexes and parks etc. from Pune. The task of the competition was to mark these entities on the road map of Pune. Students enjoyed the activity and learned the plotting techniques.

26 Jan 2015
Republic Day Celebration at DSK School

The 66th Republic Day was celebrated in all its grandeur at DSK School on 26th January 2015. The flag was unfurled and the students saluted the National Flag with the National anthem and pledged themselves to upholding the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “India”, the choir group presented the patriotic songs followed with the speeches delivered by the students. The winners of various inter-house school competitions also were felicitated by the chief guest Mrs. Kulkarni. The students dispersed carrying the image of the fluttering Tricolour in their minds.

22 Jan 2015
Kitchen Experience

A unique activity’ Kitchen Experience’ was organized for the young students of Pre Primary Classes (Play Group to Sr. K G) of DSK School.
The young ones carried out activates like Peeling Peas, Peeling Peanuts, Peeling Potatoes, Mashing Boiled Potatoes, Grinding Groundnuts, Churning of Curd to make Butter Milk, Mashing Potatoes and making Chat….. and finally eating their own preparations.
It was a fun filled activity which each of the student enjoyed to the fullest. Supported by their teachers, these little ones got a feel of identifying various things, developing sense of texture like ‘Corse’ and ‘Fine’ and the pleasure of preparing food & eating self made dishes.

17 Jan 2015

The DSK School organised an overnight camp on 17th  & 18th  of January for the students of grade IV in the school campus. The students enjoyed a new found independence away from home in close company of classmates and teachers. The camp was packed with fun filled activities, bonfire, music, stargazing, yoga and bird watching. It was a perfect experience for the students living together adjusting to the new environment and learning to be independent.

13 Jan 2015
Makar Sankranti celebrations at DSK School

Makar Sankranti   celebrations at DSK School
Pre Primary students had a thrilling and fun filled Makar Sankranti celebration under the sun. They danced around the bon fire and flew colorful kites. Teachers presented live music and songs and students tapped the toes with the music. Later all the little ones flew kites and the entire sky was draped in multi hued reflection of brightness. The celebrations ended with a feast of delicious food served hot to all the little ones.


24 Dec 2014
“ Kid Super Market “ organized by the Pre –Pri mar

“ Kid Super Market “ organized by the Pre –Pri mary  Students . Stalls of vetables, Fruits. Toys .eatables and games were set up. Students of Sr.Kg were the shopkeepers. They learnt about the transaction of good and currency. President Mrs Kulkarni Inaugurated the function Vice President Mrs Panse and Principal MrsAgate attended the function.